Ohio Premier Soccer Club

Ohio Premier 2019-20 Ohio South Registration Instructions
Only players and coaches assigned to the following teams need to register here (using the appropriate links below):
  • B2003 BPYSL: Coach Matt Kovach
  • B2004 BPYSL: Coach Joey Daugherty
  • B2008 Cruyff: Coach Sveti Matejic
  • B2008 Maradona: Coach Sveti Matejic
  • G2007 BPYSL: Coach Jeff Kessinger
  • G2008 Hamm: Coach Travis Morrow
  • G2008 Akers: Coach Becky Broering
  • G2008 Scurry: Coach Becky Broering
  • G2009 Hamm: Coach Travis Morrow
  • G2009 Akers: Coach Chris Steuer

Other teams/players will register with different instructions provided by the club.
If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.